Hirsutism… Homoeopathy finds solution

Hirsutism is sign of an internal disorder of the body. Even though the external palliative measures gives palliation only rooting the real problem and eliminating is the correct method. Basically the hormonal imbalance should be corrected. Many patients has recovered from this complaint not only the unwanted hair growth but also their allied diseases like, PCOD, menopause complaints etc.

When the hormone level falls down production of new hair could be arrested, but do not eliminate existing hair immediately, but it could stop the stimulation and gradually reduce to normal. The reason is the already stimulated vellus hair has to finish its growth phase and takes up to six months normally. Until then physical removal of unwanted hair is also necessary for sometime. Here an illustration for better understanding

Clinical Evidence 1

A teen aged girl was suffering from unwanted facial hair growth since three years. She also had irregularity in periods since six years. Here is an study based on her investigations.Her hormonal count for testosterone was very high before treatment, drastically redice

d after treatment. Now their is reduction in hair growth.

Before Treatment

Report shows increase in testosterone level

After Treatment

Report shows Decrease in testosterone level



Clinical evidence 2

A middle aged women presented unwanted hair growth. Serum testosterone

Before Treatment

Report shows increase in testosterone level

After Treatment


Clinical evidence

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