Clinical evidences on Hair loss resulting from hormonal imbalance

It is extremely difficult to overcome hormonal imbalance. in male pattern baldness. the treatment depends on the individual causative factor and extent of damage. The rejunuvete ion of the hair is not possible if scarring occurred in which permanent damage to the hair follicles, however can prevent the further deterioration and the existing feeble hair growth. Here the external therapy will not help, only a suitable homoeopathic similmum selected on the individuality of the patient could help.

Clinically in female pattern baldness the response is good when compared male type. Female pattern baldness commonly presented with Ploy cystic ovarian disease as basic causative factor in many young girls. They also present with hirsutism. Hypothyroidism is also another common hormonal disorder and plays an important role in presenting female pattern baldness. Homoeopathic treatment successfully handled these multifaceted disorders as a single entity, which mutually benefits both on single attempt.


This illustration appreciates a patient with PCOD suffered with hair loss , totally recovered by homoeopathic medines.




Clinical evidence


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