“I shed plenty of hairs, Doctor. I am afraid that I would bald earlier. I am just twenty-three!”

“I lose my hair while combing and taking head bath!”
“My hair falls with root! Will it grow again?”

Hair loss is a very common complaint now a days. Hair loss in the early, scare every body that he or she would bald early. Few stray hairs on the bed, while combing, in bathroom causes alarm.

Hair loss is a natural part of the body process of renewal. As some hair falls out, new growth replaces it. Normally, we shed 15-20 hairs per day. Hair in normal and healthy conditions does not fall out at an alarming rate. The excess fall out occurs mostly when the hair follicle is not healthy and it may be accelerated by a number of conditions.

Reasons for hair loss

External Causes

    First assess water, if you are taking bath with salt water, increased PH may shake the hair follicle. Sometimes shampoo, colouring, perming, lotions and dyes may disagree and shake the hair root causing temporary shedding. Even the hair oils may disagree to your scalp. The chemicals, which are the content of these cosmetics, may raise sensitivity to the scalp.

Salt water may hake the hair follicle …

Next check your scalp for dandruff which is very common nuisance to many, which causes voluptuous itching of the scalp that predisposes hair loss. Excessive sebum often accompanying thinning of hair is attributed to the enlargement of the sebaceous gland, which causes pore clogging, thus leading to malnutrition to the hair roots. A tiny eruption on the scalp is very common among children and teenagers. Then look for infections, your scalp may prone to infections such as Bacterial, Viral or Fungal infections, which can cause hair fall and even bald out spots. Sometimes the fungal infections would cause “Spotty Baldness”. Lice and its excretions will irritate the hair follicle.

Internal Causes

    Assess your nutrition part, dry, dull, lifeless hair and hair loss signals poor nutrition. Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals are essential for better hair growth. Women who have heavy menstrual periods may develop iron deficiency. During childbirth excessive blood loss would lead to large amounts of hair fall while combing. Four weeks to three months after a high fever, severe illness or major surgery a person may be shocked to see a lot of hair falling out. Sometimes baldness has also results following a prolonged illness.

    Then check whether you are taking medicines for any complaints. Even though an acute illness like fever or any suffering enhances Hair loss, some medicines also cause hair loss. This type of hair loss improves when you stop taking the medicine. Medicines that can cause hair loss include certain Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Birth control pills, and the medicines used to treat Gout and Cancer.

 If the things are Ok! You have to evaluate for any hormonal imbalance. If you are male, assess your genetic make up. Your father or mother may inherit baldness. Check your paternal and maternal ancestors. If you are a female hormonal imbalance is very common. If menstruate regularly and frame, weight is according to your age, no problem! If not, assess your hormones, because Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease and Thyroid disorders are common culprit for Hair loss.

   Finally Stress! Stress is another factor linked to Hair loss. If you are unable to cope up with pressures of life, all the time worrying about the problems at work place or home, having most of the emotional conflicts unsolved, you are the easy victims for excess hair loss. The muscles of the scalp constrict with mental tension, thereby the blood circulation gets impeded resulting in suffocation of the hair follicles.
  Stress provokes hair loss …

How to arrest?

Hair fall is the initial sign of baldness? It is usual that few strands on the comb alarms everybody. First try to find the causative factors. Check water, change in shampoo, soap, hair oils that causes acute hair loss and also ascertain the scalp is free from dandruff and lice or any other infection. External causes can be removed appropriate solutions

Then check your nutrition and health. Simple study of Haemoglobin and blood study will give enormous information about your nutritional status. Correct your diet which is highly necessary for hair nourishment .Sudden hair loss is expected after fever and medications for any acute ailment, but usually stops after few days. Typhoid and Jaundice needs more care in which many lost their hair. Women who suffer from heavy periods and after delivery also needs much care. If personal and dietary measures are not amenable it is better to seek a professional help from a homoeopathic physician

Homoeopathic Medicines are very effective in revitalizing the hair follicle. Hair follicle strengthening could be possible with appropriate medicines. Even though there are many Hair oils available in the market, they are merely conservative. The contents like Arnica Montana, Jaborandi may boost the hair follicle to some extent. Cantharis acts better in eliminating the extender causes Pediculosis.

A well-selected Homoeopathic remedy will stop falling of hair with in a very short period. It is wonderful in regulating basic irregularities for hair loss. Dandruff and other eruptive disorders, infections can be remedied well. Hormonal imbalance can be regulated naturally, a best solution for Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease and Thyroid disorders.


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