Hair washing

Men take regular head bath, but women cannot since they keep their hair long. However everyday over scalp secretes Sebum and Sweat and they are embedded with dust particles, a part of pollution. Many avoid, due to, the tendency to catch cold which drag them into Sinusitis. No excuse! Take head bath regularly to get rid of scalp excretions and dust particles. Women can have hair wash thrice in a week. Your cold problem can be better remedied with Homoeopathic medicines.

Next… How to wash? Natural shampooing with herbal powders are good. Homeopathically Arnica Shampoo is popular. Conditioners and other ingredients may help your hair to feel softer and look shinier, but frequent use would cause the hair shaft to swell and damage the cuticle. An ideal shampoo is neither highly acidic nor alkaline which keeps the PH between 4.5 - 5.5. Simple way is to dilute with 50% water and wash.

Next question comes…Whether Cold water or Hot water? Don’t use water, which is neither too cold nor very hot. Use water at room temperature as, this is very natural! Tepid water is fine. Do not use blow dryers to dry your hair. Stand beneath fan or leave it for sometime while you engage with some other works.


Vigorous brushing is more likely to injure the hairs. Comb it with wide toothed part initially, then with narrow tooth to avoid traction. Hair dyes, Perms and Hairsprays do not affect thinning hair because hair is a dead tissue, however long-term use would make your hair to lose its lustrous and would shake if it penetrates your hair follicle.


    Many do not apply oils to their hair, even years together. How it is? Naturally the Sebum secretion is more which nourishes their hair naturally. Many have dry hair, which needs oiling to nourish externally. Moisturized hair will keeps not only lustrous look, but also prevents the effects of heat and cold. Plain coconut oil is preferable. Apply oil at bedtime and wash it off the next day to give fantastic look.

    General measures:

  • About 90% of the hair follicles of the scalp are growing phase and only about 10% are in the resting phase. The growing phase” Anagen” varies from 4-8 years to determine length of individual’s hair. Remember 30-50 hairs we lose each day. Even though new hairs will be replaced by the hair follicle, in abnormal conditions hair fall rate is higher than normal levels. In premature baldness the shrunken hair follicles shed short and thin hairs.

  • Add Milk, Egg, Meat, Greens, Dates, Gingily and Jaggery in your food; they are rich in Lenoleic acid, Iron, Calcium and Selenium to fertilize the Hair follicles. Carrot, Beetroots and Curry leaves, will prevent premature graying. A recent study shows Colloidal minerals prevent Premature graying. These minerals have been processed only through a plant. Apple and Banana contains all Colloidal minerals.

  • Limit the intake of coffee, tea, alcohol, and other fluids that increase water loss.

  • Reducing your stress levels might cut production of Androgens and Slow Hair loss and baldness. Make yourself easy, calm and relaxed.

  • Take care of your general health, which is vital to all!


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