A Flexible, Shiny, Vibrant hair is a sign of a Healthy well-nourished body. While Dry, Dull, Lifeless hair is a signal of Poor nutrition and Poor overall health. Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals are essential for better Hair growth. The Hair shaft is composed of three layers: the outer cuticle, the middle protein-rich cortex and the inner medulla.

The Hair shaft is embedded in a cavity called Follicle, which is surrounded by tiny blood vessels called Capillaries that nourish the hair shaft and supply it with oxygen, water and nutrients. Oil secreting glands called Sebaceous glands are also attached to the follicle and secrete "Sebum," an oily substance that nourishes and moistens the hair shaft; especially the Linoleic acid keeps the sebaceous gland very active. The sebaceous secretion, sebum keeps the hair more Shinny, Lustrous and Flexible.

Additionally Minerals like Iron, Calcium, Selenium and Zinc is also essential to keep your hair healthy. “B complex and C” Vitamins also play an important role in keeping the hair healthy.

Women prone to Anaemia very often, loss of iron results from blood loss during their heavy periods and Parturition, Gastric disturbances may impair assimilation of an important nutrient for hair

Hair colour depends on the pigments inside the cortex; an absence of “Melanin pigments” results in white hair. Poor nutrition and careless hair care will turn a black hair to brown. Many youngsters suffer from premature gray now a days because lack of colloidal minerals in their diet. Genetic make is secondary in Premature gray hair.

Colloidal minerals are “Plant Based Minerals” Plants absorb metallic minerals from the soil through their roots and convert them into colloidal minerals. These plant-derived minerals are water soluble and work with the natural body absorption process. For Example the more toxic Aluminum is assimilated and metabolized in Apple as colloidal mineral.

Even though Fat is essential for hair, balding process can be slowed down by taking a low-fat diet in men. Research studies postulate that the Male Pattern Baldness is tied to increase Testosterone levels during puberty. A high-fat, meat-based diet raises Testosterone levels, and that may adversely affect hair follicles

A wholesome diet in high protein diet with the Minerals, Iron, Calcium, Selenium and Vitamins will prevent hair loss and yield healthy hair. Milk, Meat, Fish, Bone Soups, Nuts, Pulses and Cereals, Green leaves, Vegetables and fruits provides general nutrition to the hair. The more essential iron can be balanced with intake of Gingilis, Jaggery, Green leaves, Dates, Groundnuts shall be additionally added. Limit the intake of Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, and other fluids that increase water loss. Add food rich in Lenoleic acid such as Fish, Meat, Milk and Vegetable oils, if you are not obese and suspect hormonal imbalance. The plant Carrot, Beets, Radish, Curry leaves and Red greens prevents premature graying as they could stimulate or supplement their pigments.






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