Clinical evidences on Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy system is holitic system which treats the body mind and soul. Clinical efficacy is challenged and we are committed to contribute some clinical evidence based documents to understand the efficacy of Homoeopathy

Hair Complaints

       Clinical evidences on Alopecia aeratae
       Clinical evidences on Alopecia Totalis
       Homoeopathy remedies Dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis
       Hirsutism… Homoeopathy finds solution
       Moustache and Beard started growing after Homoeopathic treatment
Skin Complaints
       Acne ... Homoeopathy Could find solutions!!
       Eczema ..responds effectively to Homoeopathic remedies !
       Impetigo...being treated well with Homoeopathic Medicines!
       Psoriasis...Homoeopathy could find solutions
       Warts...Successful Homoeopathic treatment!
       Leucoderma responds well to dynamic Remedies
       White discolouration...curablility with Homoeopathic Medicines!
       Vitiligo all over the body...Homoeopathy cures without external applications!

Kidney complaints

       Renal stones...a permanent solution!
       Multiple kidney stones...treated successfully
Male complaints
Female complaints
       Secondary amenorrhoea …safe, natural way of treatment
       DUB… opt treatment Homoeopathy
       Painful periods … homoeopathy finds solution
       PCOD with irregular periods…homoeopathy finds solution
       PCOD with Hirsutism…great scope
       PCOD with Female pattern Baldness … response good
       PCOD with fibroid … responded to homoeopathic treatment
       PCOD with Hypothyrodism ... total solution
       Haemorrhagic cyst in ovary … treated
       Dermoid Cyst in ovary … successful response
       Endometriosis … homoeopathy suits recurrence
       Uterine growth fibroid…clinical evidence
       Bulky Uterus with Seedling fibroid… hysterectomy avoided
       Cyst in the Breast disappeared…
       Fibroadenosis in the both breast resolved
Endocrine Complaints
       A case of thyrotoxicosis recovered
       Hyperthyroidism patient conceived
       Hypothyroidism treated effectively with Homoeopathy
       Hypothyroidism with PCOD conceived after twelve years!